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Have you ever imagined what it would be like to travel into the future to see what life will be like? Who will you be with? Where will you work? Where will you live?

Future Life Progression

Future Life Progression or FLP works in the same way as Past Life Regression (PLR), but instead of moving into the past, you move forward into the future. Going to a clairvoyant you rely on the interpretation the clairvoyant makes of the impressions they get. With FLP you experience your own future for yourself.

You can use FLP to improve every aspect of your life by making the right decisions about your work, finances and relationships. All the understandings and feelings years into the future can be brought forward from the future into the present. The wisdom you will have in the future can provide you with powerful insights and advice.

It is possible to make short jumps of just months or look ahead years or even lifetimes. Time travel allows you to answer your burning questions and change your life. What options will you have? Look at the outcomes of making different choices. Learn what to do to develop your skills. Avoid making choices that lead up blind alleys or repeat mistakes from the past.

Too good to be true? FLP has been used by individuals and organisations for many years now. It has changed lives and the course of history. To book a session call 01442 263581 or email johnpuz@innerlight.co.uk


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