sea and sky

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Example of future life progression 

Future 1:

Front of house
Wrought iron balcony
Steps leading up
Brown door
In England somewhere
Been here 2 years
Feels like a few people here
Grown up children
Not children
Two of them
Lot of noise
Lots of laughter
Big, comfortable communal space
On the coast
Can see the sea in the distance
Slightly away from the coast – on a hill
There’s a dog
I’m away quite a bit
Safe base
I can come and go
Doing own workshops
People coming to see me
France, Germany, Italy, Egypt, Ireland, Switzerland, India
He comes with me on some of the workshops
He does his own thing which complements my work
Art or music
Money no problem
I can see 6 books
I’m writing more
I have dealt with my library
I rescued about 20 boxes
Let rest go
No regrets

Future 2:

Dressed quite differently
In a suit
Definitely more corporate
Sat in a conference room with a flip chart
Going through different strategies
Different ways
Feels like I’m compromising to a degree
Sneaking in some of my stuff
Opening them up a little
Quite frustrating
Feels like I have a bag full of magic
Paid lots of money
Feel afraid
End of day feel like tearing hair out
Very nice car
Nice place to live
Apartment in London
Live on adrenalin
Feels like I need to be very powerful
I’m quite scary
Puts people off
I work hard and play hard
I still go to spiritual activities
Spiritual side pushed to one side
Regret compromising my spirituality
Having to fit into a male dominated corporate world
Behind the scenes I am quite disciplined
Still dealing with books

Future 3 – ideal life:

Aware of sea
Not in England – somewhere else
It’s warm
House on top of a cliff
Walk down to cove to beach
Quite remote
Huge window at back – all sea and sky
Very blue
Real sense of wilderness
Lots of trees
The energy is pure
Gets quite battered
Share it with my husband
Bought it 4 years ago
Met him at a party with some friends
I’m doing lots of writing here
Eight books published here so far
My retreat
I’m busy travelling a lot
Found it when on holiday
Just chatting
Came up for sale
Used to be a lighthouse on the edge of a headland
Choice I made was to do only work I was passionate about
Always looking for the next great thing
Not allowing negative energies

The steps I need to take are:

Books and workshops
Get agent
Get an assistant to do logistics and admin stuff
Putting them on commission
Happy to work really hard
All focus and attention
All the books I had five years ago I let go
Just kept a small bundle
If I need to know anything it will come to me anyway

Advice from future:

Trust that everything is unfolding as it needs to
Stay with it
Use this time to re-slot everything
Let go
Learn to travel lightly
So I can be free to go wherever I need to go

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