Client had always felt a lot of discomfort in the area of the throat. Session was focussed on discovering and healing the reasons for this discomfort:

Aware of an ache
My stomach
My throat
Ache is worst in throat
Can see a river
Very peaceful
I can see where the water’s coming from
I can see the sun
The rays are warm
Can see trees in one direction
Cliffs in the other
Not sure where I am
Feeling sad
Don’t know why
Can see wigwams
There’s a man
Children running around
This is my tribe
My name is Hinda
It means blue water
I’m just standing watching all the children playing in the sun
They’re all laughing and jumping about
Makes me smile
Two of them are mine
The man is opening the front
I’m going towards him
We go inside
We just sit on the ground and talk
I feel danger
They’re on horses
They’re riding around
Destroying stuff as they go around
We’ve done nothing
They’re cavalry
He’s got long hair and a beard
He’s laughing
He thinks it’s funny
People running around everywhere
Screaming, crying
They tie him to the horse
The back of the horse
They ride him round and round laughing
I’m holding the children
One on each side
They take the boy
… …
We move forward in time
… …
I’m hanging
They’ve hung me

My little girl next to me
Just hanging
I see my body there
So many dead
Everything’s burning
They’re really happy
No one left
We’re just swinging
The sun’s still out
Shining on the river
Making patterns on the river
I’m looking down at my body
They’re swinging
… …
We move to just after she passes over
… …
I need to heal
Someone’s holding me
I feel so small
It looks like Jesus
He seems enormous
Just smiling
He’s got his arms out
I’m safe now
So bright
So bright
The light
So bright
I feel so safe
The feeling of love is just too much
So much love
A garden like you’ve never seen
I’m laying down now
The colours
Such beautiful colours
He’s not there now
He’s just fading away
I want to curl up
Go to sleep
I’m like a baby (moves hands)
Having a rest
It was all about living in nature
How beautiful the world could be
If everyone just helped each other
Greed is a terrible thing
They wanted us off the land


We ask for healing for the healing the scars of that lifetime

The peace
Feel very peaceful
Feel safe
Aware of my head
It hurts
Back of my eyes
Brightness trying to come in
We ask what’s blocking the brightness
Looks like a pitchfork
Long handle
I can’t see anyone else
We throw the pitchfork away
And bring light to the head

We give thanks and end the session

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