greek templeOften insights of value to all of us are brought out during a regression session. The words can sometimes be words that the client would not normally use:


I can see a caduceus
I’m getting an image of being in a meadow
Flat, green
They’re in the distance
I’m walking down
Looking down on them
I’m just walking past
I’m not in a hurry
I’m finding special plants
Special properties
Looking for herbs
I have a basket
Some plants are more difficult to find than others
... ...
We ask how she knows which ones to pick
… …

They tell me
I just know
The plants tell me
I think I have always had this ability
The plants don’t mind being picked
They understand
I’ve been out a long time
I get so absorbed in it
It’s important not to hurry
It’s like a ceremony
I communicate with trees
Like seeing friends
I know I’ve done this before
I communicate with the Goddess
People think I’m strange
But they still want my help
They come to me for healing
... ...
I can’t see anything at the moment
There’s something hanging over me
A huge bird
Like a huge bird
Not sure what it is
Maybe not a bird
It’s like a cave
An archway
It’s very high
I’m preparing the plants
Preparing the medicines
There’s a river nearby
Live alone
I love the people coming to me
I love the children
And I tell them stories
And they love to come to me
There’s a child with a broken leg
And they’ve brought her to me
And I heal her
I put my hands on her leg
And the bone moves and sets
And I have the unction
And I bind it
So many come to me
They are all so frightened
Don’t understand
Don’t understand what I do
When I was in Greece
They understood
They worshipped me
... ...
Tears start to fall
... ...
I feel so sad for these people
They won’t let them come to me anymore
Some men who came to the village
Men on horses
Won’t let them come
They are dressed in fine clothes
Children don’t come anymore
Children throw stones
I’m alone
There’s so much to tell
But I’m not allowed
I feel so sad for them
... ...
Without prompting another life emerges
... ...
I’m dressed like a Grecian or Roman
Long dress – tied at the bodice
Hair done up
I’m by the sea
I live near the sea
I’m called Reanna
I don’t live alone
I am in the temple
I am in the temple a lot
The whole family
My father and sister serve in the temple
The temples huge
At the front there is a huge bird like creature
Outside - in stone
I have beautiful crystals
I work with the amethysts
The amethysts communicate
I work with them everyday
They are able to tell me
Wonderful knowledge
They know what’s happening all around the world
They know what’s happening in the stars
In the earth
... ...
The ability to communicate – is it a special skill?
... ...
We are born to it
There are those of us that are born to it
It is recognised and we are trained
We have the ability to travel
Our souls will travel
We work with the crystals
In the front with the light
And we go to the depths of the temple in the dark
And we travel
And we go to where we are needed
We stay around the earth
Help those in distress
They call upon us
We have the soul qualities of the crystals
We bring these to those who need those qualities
We are the living embodiment of the crystals
Sometimes we work alone and sometimes we work together
And we know of the life purpose of each soul
We communicate with the stars and planets
We are not allowed to be amongst the people in the flesh
So it is a lonely life
We have the gift of sight
... ...
I love to be by the sea
When I am not in the temple I hear the sea
The sea is my friend
We have a special area
Where no-one else is allowed to be
And we have beautiful gardens
And the people come to the gardens
But we can’t be there when they are there
... ...
We ask if Reanna is a human being
... ...
I look the same as human mortals
But I have different qualities
The dolphins are swimming to me
I love the dolphins
Sometimes I swim with them
... ...
We ask what work the dolphins do
... ...
I don’t know what they do
They are just my friends
Sometimes we talk together
There’s a special place they come from
Sometimes – at night
I don’t know how to describe it
It’s like a large huge ball
Suspended in the sky
Pinky-whitish colour
Ornate on the outside
Like huge flower petals
But it’s soft
Not hard
Sometimes at night it’s there
I don’t know why
I know that when it’s there
I have to be by the sea
And way, way out to sea
There are wonderful storms
And I can see them from the shore
Then I go back to the temple
Light the torches
We light the disks of fire
And burn the incense
I feel a sadness
I feel sad for what is to come
... ...
We ask if Reanna can look forward and see her life as Teresa
... ...
She will write
She will bring forth knowledge on many, many lives
She must trust and allow
There have been many lives where she has been persecuted for the knowledge
She will speak her truth
She must not be fearful
There is much to do for the healing of the earth and the people
To set the record straight

We give thanks and end the session

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