knight on horse

Client had been diagnosed with endometriosis. Session was aimed at uncovering and healing the root cause:

Sheila scans solar plexus?

I can see a square
A black box
A cube
Not very big
Matt black
It’s hard
It’s weird
Flowers growing out of it
Flowers growing out of sides and top where it joins
Trailing flowers
We ask how long it has been there
Feels like it’s always been there
Feels it belongs there
What purpose does it serve?
I don’t want it there
It must have a purpose
What is the best way of removing it?
Deep thought?
We ask the angelic realms for help in removing it
As they lift it comes away easily
Turns into grey smoke
Disappearing into the atmosphere
I can see it
The space it has left seems OK
It all looks free
Free and easy
We ask to look at the initial causes of Crone’s Disease
There’s a woman
She’s dressed like someone in Holland in the past
Funny hats
I’m looking at a marketplace
It’s a busy marketplace
It’s as if my stomach is on fire
As if it’s bleeding or something
No – that was a nun
That woman
I’m surrounded by nuns
And my stomach hurts
And there’s lots of blood
I’m on a wooden bench or table
They’re trying to stop the bleeding
Stomach is hot
Obviously something in it
It’s a sword
That’s why it feels so hot
With blood coming out
They’re trying to stop the bleeding
There are 4 or 5 of them
They’ve padded it out
It’s stopped bleeding
There are other people coming in that are injured
They’re helping them as well
Give me a drink of water
I’m just asleep
A battle has been going on
I think I’m male
I’m dozing
Other people coming in
Obviously injured
So busy here
Lot of activity going on
All the time
Someone’s just come in
He said ‘we’ve won’
The battle has finished
He’s absolutely covered in blood
I’m waking up more
Sun is so bright
I’m in a bed with clean sheets
Everything is clean now
Don’t know how long I’ve slept
The scar is still there
I’m not how I was
I’m walking about
I seem to be pretty fit
I’m on a horse now
It’s jumped
As if we’re holding banners
Dressed in armour
Onto another battle now
Always seem to be fighting
Whole regiment on horses
Riding through a forest
Don’t know where we are
All wearing suits of armour
Riding to where battle will commence
I’m so weary
All we do is fight
No respite from it all
Arrive at camp
They’ve set up camp for us
I go to the main tent
To plan
For tomorrow
Everybody’s moaning
How tired they are
Why can’t people resolve things?
Fighting all the time
Over land I think
Moving now
Sun is so bright
I’m off to battle
It’s begun
We’re charging along
It’s a real bloody battle
Lots of people and horses dying all around me
Blood everywhere
Night has fallen
We’re walking back to camp
Fewer going back
Lots of lives lost
And horses
Everyone’s weary
Seems to be moving now
Everything is quiet now
Hardly anybody about
Come to a small village
It’s so quiet
Compared to yesterday’s activities
It’s as if I went to sleep last night
And I’m in a different place this morning
I’ve still got a scar
It’s as if I’m returning home
My children come running up
Three of them
They come to greet me
Tell me how they’ve missed me
They’re glad we’ve won
King John or Crusader type battles
Whitewashed huts
Thatched roofs
Everyone’s happy
We’re all happy it’s over for good
It’s gone on for too long
I get a sense of joy
Everyone’s really, really happy
We ask to go too just before leaving the body
I’m in a much larger building
I’m in a very grand bedroom
Four poster bed
I’m due to leave soon
Lots of familiar faces
Around my bed
I feel happy
Even though I went through the battles years ago
I’ve been content and happy in the latter years of my life
We’ve had a good, content and happy life
Who meets you as you leave?
I’m met by an angel
It’s Michael
I had to learn the lessons in this life
That’s why I was rewarded by a happy life at the end
What were those lessons?
To appreciate things
Not to take things for granted
When things are earned you should look after them well
I seem to be happy because I learned lessons about life
We ask what lessons are to be learnt in this life?
We ask for a progress report!!
Compassion was learnt from a very early age
And patience is being learnt all the time
But both these two will not be tested anymore
No tests will be put up before her
She has learnt her lessons well
Feel just peaceful
Very peaceful
Very nice
We ask for any other guidance before we part
Things will be smoother
Her wishes and dreams will be fulfilled
Life will be smoother and calmer
Only believe in yourself
The peace is around you all the time
And it will be peaceful

We give thanks and end the session

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